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  • Option SMIQB14 – Fading Simulator FSIM1
    • Option SMIQB17 – Noise and Distortion Simulator NDSIM                           • Option SMIQB50 – Fast CPU
Rohde & Schwarz ZNB8(2port) - Vector Network Analyzer (ZNB8)

* 9kHz - 8.5GHz frequency range
* 2 or 4 port
* Dynamic range up to 140dB
* Trace noise less than 0.004dB RMS
* 12.1 inch hi-res touchscreen

With frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz, 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz, 100 kHz to 20 GHz and 10 MHz to 40 GHz, the new ZNB network analyzers are targeted at applications in the mobile radio and electronic goods industries as well as at applications for high-speed PCB design and aerospace and defense. The Rohde & Schwarz ZNB is the right choice when it comes to developing, producing and servicing RF components such as amplifiers, mixers, filters, connectors and cables.

The Rohde & Schwarz ZNB vector network analyzers feature a wide dynamic range of up to 140 dB (at 10 Hz IF bandwidth), low trace noise of less than 0.004 dB RMS (at 10 kHz IF bandwidth) and high output power of up to 13 dBm, which can be adjusted electronically in a range of more than 95 dB.

The new analyzers combine high measurement accuracy with exceptional speed better than 10 s per point. They feature excellent temperature and long-term stability, which ensures reliable measurements over several days without having to recalibrate the units.

These short-depth, compact two-port and four-port analyzers leave plenty of space on the workbench for the measurement application. They feature low operating noise thanks to low power consumption and a sophisticated cooling concept. The low power consumption also reduces operating costs and protects the environment.
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