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Agilent 16823A 102 Channel Logic Analyzer ( 16823A)
Agilent 16823A 102 Channel Logic Analyzer

Logic analyzer configuration

  • 102 channels, 350 MHz state, 12.5 GHz timing zoom, 2.5 GHz timing, 2 Mb depth standard
  • 15-inch (38.1 cm) color, touch-screen display for viewing and quickly navigating large numbers of signals and buses
  • built-in removable SSD drive, USB 3.0 ports, and LAN for fast data transfer and storage of large amounts of data
  • 1.4 GHz trigger sequencer to ensure high-speed events are captured

Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)

  • up to 2.5 GHz/5.0 GHz (full-/half-channel) timing for capturing signal activity at high resolution
  • up to 128 Mb/256 Mb (full-/half-channel) deep memory for identifying the root cause of a problem and symptom widely separated in time
  • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) timing zoom with 256K memory depth for analysis of the trigger event with high resolution

State analysis (synchronous sampling)

  • state data rates up to 1.4 Gb/s, state clock rates up to 700 MHz for high-speed data capture
  • automated threshold/sample position setup for accurate measurements on high-speed buses
  • simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels for quick identification of problem signals

Configuration considerations (probes and additional software ordered separately)

  • Select from a wide variety of single-ended and differential general-purpose and application-specific probes.
  • Add application software for insight to debug, analyze, and optimize your system’s operation.
  • Purchase the speed and memory depth capability you need today and upgrade as your needs evolve.
  • Includes keyboard, mouse, accessories bag, and power cord.
Agilent 16804A 136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer (16804A)
Agilent 16804A 136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer Configuration

  • 15-inch (38.1 cm) color display with touch screen available
  • 136-channel portable logic analyzer with up to 32 M acquisition memory depth
  • Comprehensive single-ended signal support, threshold is adjustable in -5 V to 5 V (10 mV increments)

Timing Analysis (Asynchronous Sampling)

  • 4 GHz (250 ps) timing zoom with 64 K memory
  • 1.0 GHz / 500 MHz (half / full-channel) conventional timing with deep memory
  • 500 MHz transitional timing

State Analysis (Synchronous Sampling)

  • State clock rates up to 450 MHz
  • Data rates: up to 500 Mb/s
  • Automated threshold/sample position setup for accurate measurements on high-speed buses
  • Simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels identify problem signals quickly

Configuration Considerations

The 16800 Series portable logic analyzers deliver an exclusive combination of logic analysis, pattern generation, application software and innovative probing...all at a price that will fit your budget.

Agilent 16803A Logic Analyzer (16803A)
Agilent 16803A Logic Analyzer

with 1M Memory & 250MHz State
Options 101,103, and 111

Agilent 16802A Logic Analyzer
Agilent 16802A /032/103 68ch 32M 1GHz Logic Analyzer

The Agilent 16802A 68-channel portable logic analyzer provides 1 GHz timing, 250 MHz state, 1 M deep memory, and 250 ps resolution (4 GHz)/ 64K deep timing zoom. Upgradeable logic analyzer memory depth allows you to purchase the capability you need now and upgrade as your needs evolve. The fixed configuration with 15" display (touch screen available) delivers the performance you need along with seamless scope integration and an intuitive interface to help you quickly overcome the toughest digital debug challenges – all at an affordable price.

  • 4 GHz timing/450 MHz state analysis
  • 68 channels  
  • 15-inch color display, a viewing area more than twice as large as other logic analyzers in its class, allows you to see more data. Viewing relationships between large numbers of signals and buses helps you identify a problem sooner
  • Up to 32 M deep memory and 450 MHz state speed allows you to capture the most elusive problems. Extend the life of your equipment by easily upgrading memory depth as your needs evolve
  • View Scope quickly lets you validate signal integrity and timing relationships between analog and digital domains by seamlessly integrating your scope and logic analyzer waveforms into a single display. Simple LAN and BNC connection
Agilent 1681AD Standalone Logic Analyzer (1681AD )
Agilent 1681AD Standalone Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer
  • 102-channel portable logic analyzer
  • 800 MHz / 400 MHz (half/full-channel) conventional timing, 4 M / 2 M memory depth
  • 200 MHz transitional timing, 1 M memory depth
  • 200 MHz state analysis, 1 M memory depth

The award-winning 1680 Series standalone and 1690 Series PC-hosted logic analyzers simplify complex logic analysis measurements in a remarkably intuitive, easy-to-navigate Windows®-based environment. These affordable logic analyzers offer a variety of channel counts, memory depths, and form factors, giving you the flexibility to choose a model that matches your work style, application, and budget.
Agilent 1680AD Logic Analyzer (1680AD)
Agilent 1680AD Logic Analyzer

Brand:    Agilent
Serial Number:    MY41001175
Model:    1680AD
Factory Option:    136ch LA 2M Option

Operating System:    Win XP PRO
Agilent / HP 8596EM EMC Analyzer 9 kHz - 12.8 GHz w/Tracking Generator (8596EM)
Agilent / HP 8596EM EMC Analyzer 9 kHz - 12.8 GHz w/Tracking Generator

Brand:    Agilent / HP
Unit Type:    Complete Systems & Mainframes
Model:    8596EM
Country of Manufacture:    United States
Manufacturer:    Agilent / HP    Option 1:    010 - Tracking Generator 2.9 GHz
Analyzer Type:    EMC Analyzer    Option 2:    043 - RS-232 and Parallel Interface
Agilent 16903A Logic Analysis System (16903A)
Agilent 16903A Logic Analysis System


  • LAN: 10/100 BaseT (optional Gbit LAN) E5860A Gbit LAN Card
  • I/O Ports: Two USB 1.1, parallel, serial, external video, calibration BNC, Clock in BNC
  • Interface to other instruments: Trigger In/Out, Target control port
  • View Scope integrates time-correlated logic analyzer & scope waveforms into single, waveform display View Scope

The Keysight 16903A logic analysis system provides high-performance, system-level debugging of digital designs. Expandability is the key to the system´s long-term value. Customize this system for your specific needs with innovative probing, high-performance measurement modules, and post-processing analysis tools.
Agilent Keysight N9030A PXA Spectrum/Signal Analyzer
Agilent Keysight N9030A PXA Spectrum/Signal Analyzer

Brand : Agilent
Model : Keysight N9030A

The PXA signal analyzer is the highest-performance member of the X-Series and is the evolutionary replacement for your current performance signal analyzer. It provides frequency coverage up to 50 GHz and ensures present and future flexibility through optional measurement capabilities and hardware expandability. Through external mixing with Agilent or third-party harmonic mixers, the PXA can measure signals to 325 GHz and beyond. The PXA’s advanced performance, flexibility, capability and expandability enable you to address demanding applications in aerospace, defense, commercial communications and more. In addition, the PXA includes extensive remote language compatibility features that make it easier to replace existing Agilent or HP performance spectrum analyzers.
Agilent N5264A Vector Network Analyzer (N5264A)
Agilent N5264A Vector Network Analyzer

10MHz-25GHz Opt. 108,118
Model : N5264A

Network Analyzer Type : Vector
Brand : Agilent
Frequency Range : 10MHz-26.5GHz
Agilent N4431A 60006 ATO 34675 Opt-010 300 kHz to 13.5 GHz 4-Port Ecal Module (N4431A)
The Keysight/Agilent N4431A RF Electronic Calibration (ECal) Module makes the calibration of vector network analyzers fast, easy, and accurate. ECal is a precision, single-connection calibration technique for your vector network analyzer. Performing a full three- or four-port calibration takes less than half the time and a number of connections using ECal versus mechanical cal kits. Furthermore, the accuracy of the calibration is comparable between electronic and mechanical methods. Traditional mechanical calibrations require intensive operator interaction, which is prone to errors. With ECal, the operator simply connects the ECal module to the network analyzer and the software controls the rest. ECal modules are transfer standards capable of transferring the factory calibration accuracy to your network analyzer. The Agilent PNA and ENA series of network analyzers controls the N4431A module directly through a USB interface. Specification : 300kHz to 9GHz Fast full 3- or 4-port calibration with a single connection NIST traceable accurate calibrations Reduced connector wear USB interface for direct control with PNA and ENA series of network analyzers Reliable solid-state switching
Agilent U2022XA 50 MHz - 40 GHz, -30 to 20 dB USB Peak and Average Power Sensor (U2022XA)
Keysight U2020 X-series USB power sensors provides the peak and average power measurement capability of a power meter in a compact and portable form factor. Frequency range of 50 MHz to 40 GHz Wide dynamic range of -30 to 20 dBm (peak/gated), -45 dBm to 20 dBm (average only mode) 30 MHz video bandwidth and single shot real-time capture at 80 Msample/sec per second Internal zeroing & calibration High measurement speed of up to 25,000 readings/second (free run/fast buffer mode) A BenchVue software license (BV0007B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.
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