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Fluke 434 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser (434)
Fluke 434 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser

Installed Options:
- V/A/Hz
- Dips & Swells
- Harmonics
- Power & Energy
- Energy Loss Calculator
- Power Inverter Efficiency
- Unbalance
- Inrush
- Monitor

Helps locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems 

Includes (4) i430 Flex Cables, Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed
Fluke 5720A/03 Multimeter Multi Function Calibrator (5720A)
Fluke 5720A/03 Multimeter Multi Function Calibrator


  • Internal environmentally-controlled references allowing the calibrator to maintain full performance over a wide ambient temperature range
  • Automatic meter error calculation obtained through using a simple output adjust knob; the display shows linearity, offset, and scale errors
  • Keys that multiply and divide the output value by 10 to simplify work on meters with calibration points at decade multiples of a fraction of full-scale.
  • Programmable entry limits used for restricting the levels that can be keyed into the calibrator, preventing access to levels that may be harmful to equipment or personnel
  • A space key that provides the capability of displaying the instrument’s specification at the selected operating point, calibration interval, and specification confidence level
  • An auxiliary current binding post that allows you to calibrate meters with separate current inputs without moving cables
  • Real-time clock and calendar for date stamping reports
  • Offset and scaling modes that simplify linearity testing of multimeters
  • Variable phase reference signal output and phase-lock input
  • Interface for the Fluke 5725 Amplifier
Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 434 Power Quality Analyzer

2 Years Warranty
3 Phase
All Accesories include
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